The Pattern of Our Life Together

Grace Commons is a welcoming community which seeks to grow in spirit, mind, and heart. Our community is centered in a generous and dynamic Christianity.

Are we a church?

That depends on what you mean by church…

Pursuing a centered, generous, dynamic Christianity… All these things and more are what we mean by "church."

We are:


developing a grounded and loving center

  • we are more concerned about our center rather than our boundaries;
  • we strive to share with one another and with the world the grace of God that is at our center.


seeking to bless each other and embrace the world

  • we extend authentic hospitality and work for justice;
  • we work for the sustainability of life.


participating in the dynamic conversation that has been Christianity for centuries

  • we ask questions;
  • we respect differences of ideas.

We are on a journey, or many journeys together. It is a journey of transformation and sacredness. Please feel welcome to join in which ever events feel most comfortable and which resonate most deeply with you.