An Emerging Way of Faith

An Emerging Way of Faith

…it's all connected…

Spiritual Gathering

  • Participatory — Liturgy is "the work of the people"—we do it together, not expecting a show or concert. The forms and styles flow from community interests and energy.
  • Historical & Contemporary — History is a source of beauty and inspiration, and our gatherings include historical as well as contemporary elements, bringing forward wisdom and goodness we find in tradition.
  • Artistic & Creative — Through creating new expressions we seek to tap into rich symbol and story which gives life meaning and beauty.
  • Diverse & Ever-Evolving — Incorporating a diversity of forms and sources is one way we honor the diversity of creation, culture, and personal styles.
  • Transformational — Rather than seeking unanimity of belief, we seek to be transformed through spiritual practices.

Building Community

  • Participatory — Community is organic and genuine, welcoming the ideas, questions, needs, and gifts of each individual. Listening and encouraging are core commitments of the community.
  • Intentional & Committed — We strive to develop community connections which go beyond individualism.
  • Diverse & Relational — Participants are welcome to "come as you are," and we practice welcoming and learning from one another.


  • Compassionate & Passionate — We seek to embody inclusion, charity, justice and peace. Grace is justice; justice is who Christ was. Justice is a passion for love.
  • Participatory — Active advocacy is key to expressing justice. Getting involved in the community around us, through service, education, and speaking out.
  • Sustainable — Unjust systems and arrangements are not sustainable; eventually they fail or are overturned. We seek the sustainability and peace that justice brings.
  • Local & Global — We are committed to conveying God's grace through social justice and service to others; focusing on issues of local and global justice/injustice and issues of equality in discussions and education opportunities, as well as participating in service projects in the Wicker Park, Humboldt Park and Chicago area with our time, energy, money, and creativity.


  • Responsible & Caring — We respect and care for what we have, reusing, recycling, and rethinking.
  • Ecological — We care for the earth and all forms of life, and strive to learn how our actions affect the rest of the planet.
  • Personal & Communal — Both in community and in our personal lives we strive to pursue health and well-being.
  • Physical, Spiritual & Financial — Sustainability includes all these areas of our lives.

Authentic Hospitality

  • Receptive — Developing awareness of self and other is an inward preparation that helps us to become invitational people, ready to receive others with authenticity.
  • Reverent — Compassionate acceptance and valuing all peoples and their dignity helps us to become truly welcoming people and respectful encounter becomes possible.
  • Generous — Striving to give the grace that we have received, to share freely of what we have, and to give a bit more than we think we can, we find that we ourselves become more free. Our community becomes a place of refuge, nurture, and comfort.
  • Mutual — Gathering together and encountering one another is a participatory experience. We seek to minister to one another; to both offer and receive support and nurture.

Mutual Learning & Teaching

  • Mutual & Relational — We all both learn from and teach each other, actively participating and growing from each other's strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and experiences.
  • Intentional — We create opportunities to teach and learn and respectfully challenge ourselves to grow on subjects of gender, diversity, social justice, sexuality, religion and other local and global issues and how they intersect with our journeys of faith.
  • Diverse & Literate — Pursuing religious literacy by learning and embracing what we can learn of God's love for all creation from other religious traditions and cultural expressions.