A New Kind of Home

By Caroline Underwood


I started attending Grace Commons about a year ago. At that time, having been a seminary student over the past few years, my “church” had been weekly worship at seminary. I really needed a faith community outside of seminary where I could have worship and fellowship.

My soul felt like it needed a spiritual home. Grace Commons ended up being that place for me.

I find that Sunday evening worship is the perfect mixture of spiritual reflection and fellowship with others. In worship not only is my soul nourished, but my mind is stimulated as well. Also, having been a part of a small group this year helped me connect with some of GC’s other community members.

We are a small group, but it’s nice because it did not take long before I felt like I was a real part of the community. At Grace Commons, I feel it’s just so easy to be who you are.

My hope is that Grace Commons will grow and flourish into the future. We are already such a unique community with people who have such amazing spiritual gifts. I hope that our gifts will be shared even further into the world, and that more people will experience God in a new and different way.

The great thing about being a part of a community that is new and changing is that there are so many places we could go from here. I can’t wait to see the plans that God has for our community!